Climbing The Ladder

Christmas in the workplace is typically the time of decorating your workspace, wearing silly hats and tinsel and the dreaded office party. But for some it is also the time when they choose to leave the company and move onto other things. If it’s advancement and progression that you are looking for, it’s up to you to take advantage of potential opportunities as they arise both inside and outside the company. So how can you climb the ladder in your career? Read on to find out…

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You Can Be Typecast Too!

If you are a contractor you are just as much at risk of being typecast as any A-list or TV actor. Have you ever wondered why agencies are always contacting you about similar roles and not the “exciting” gigs that offers you some real challenges (and bigger pay checks)? If this is the case then you’ve been typecast. Falling into the “typecast” trap is very easy to do as a contractor because of the nature of the work, and the fact that it requires certain attributes and specialist skills that are not required otherwise by the client.

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Being a Superstar Contractor

For many people becoming a contractor is not a lifestyle choice you should make hastily. While there is money to be made if you have highly sought after skills, for many of us who are more mainstream e.g. IT Support, it can feel like a never-ending cycle of job applications, interviews, knock backs and occasional successes. I look at each opportunity as a chance to “shine” brightly in front of an client.

This is where I like to feel that I can make a difference.

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Playing the Recruitment Game

In the current economic climate with job vacancies in short supply, agencies are becoming more desperate in their attempts to generate business (not to mention attempting to look “busy” when they aren’t!). And that often means preying on the trusting nature of job seekers by the use of unethical practices. When dealing with agencies it is imperative that job seekers know how to spot the warning signs that a consultant is being less than honest…

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