You can’t get a job for trying!

As many of you may know from my previous posts that I am not a huge fan of Recruitment Agencies and their tactics. Normally I wouldn’t be bothered but something happened this morning that made my blood boil.

All a prospective candidate is to the recruiter is a series of employer “tick boxes”

I used to believe that the qualities potential employers wanted were the ability to “think outside the box” and exercise “lateral thinking” as detailed by Dr Edward DeBono. Sadly in this current climate the phrases “transferable skills” and the ability to “read between the lines” seems to have become all but lost on today’s recruiters. All a prospective candidate is to the recruiter is a series of employer “tick boxes” and if you don’t make enough ticks or have too many ticks you get dropped faster than a pork pie in a Synagogue!

This morning I saw a job I knew I could do and was perfectly suited for, I submitted my application via Jobsite and within an hour I received this…


Now this really got my blood boiling so I decided not to let it lie and pursue it and here’s the response for you all to see…


So what he’s really saying is that I’m too experienced and that I might get bored… You obviously haven’t read my CV as if you had you would see that I have had a string of contract roles that could be considered as “boring, unchallenging jobs” and performed them to the complete satisfaction of my clients! And as for working for the salary on offer, well surely that’s my decision not your clients! I’d like to see you try and live on £102.75 a week!


One thought on “You can’t get a job for trying!

  1. Even if this job isn’t “challenging” at least it’s earning a lot more than being on JSA as you rightly point out try and live on the amount you are given.

    Recruiters seem to forget there are long term employed out there and eventually the current government will turn round and say if there is a job to be had it is filled whether you’re qualified, over qualified or not qualified.

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