Retro Calculators

I recently read an article about Smartphones and how they have begun making other devices redundant. Which isn’t really all that much of a surprise when you consider that the phone you are holding in your hand has at least 1000x the processing power of the computer that was used to land men on the moon. In the past you would use/own an array of devices which were engineered for a specific function e.g. compass, remote control, watch & camera etc., whereas these days a smartphone serves more as a convergence device in that it can perform the majority of these functions in the same device.

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A Trip Back In Time

While looking around the web one evening I came across several posts about working at Maplin and it got me thinking about my time there. So strap yourself in as we take a trip back in time and party like it’s 1989!

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Cornwall or bust…

The last time I had a family holiday was back in 2007 just before the recession hit. This year I decided to launch a pre-emptive strike and secure 2 weeks off just after the school term had finished. Read about our trip to Cornwall in the midst of tragic loss and an emotional episode in our lives.

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