Room with a View

Inspired by i09’s “Concept Art Writing Prompt” encouraging readers to write a story about the picture I decided that I should try the same. So after some searches on Google I picked several pictures that intrigued me and set myself the challenge of writing a story relating to the picture.

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I’ve got a great idea!

They say that there is a story in everyone and many people will frequently say “I could write a book about what I’ve heard/seen/done/lived through”. At this point most people, myself included, simply stop and dwell on things without taking things any further. Recently a colleague was discussing some of his writing and said “I’ve got a great idea”, to which my associate said “write it down!” repeatedly which struck a chord with me on a subliminal level* We all plan to “get around” to doing something but rarely devote any time to *actually* achieving our goals.

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