What next for Doctor Who?

Well series 10 of Doctor Who finished yesterday with probably Peter Capaldi’s best performance in his tenure in the blue box in what I would say was an ok season, at least until the finale which was something quite special…

Just an “ok” season you say? Well I’ll admit that while I have watched all the episodes of this season I could just take or leave most of the stories. It’s hard for me to decide whether my issues are with Peter Capaldi or Stephen Moffat’s story arc and direction. I’d probably take sides with Stephen Moffat’s choices as I’m not a fan of overcomplicated story arcs which seem to be the current formula. For example let’s start with the Christmas Special, a light warm “fluff” piece centred on Christmas with a not very threatening enemy that gets easily defeated. Then there’s the slow burner episode that is almost there just to act as “filler” which is then followed by the “two-parter” which is sometimes overkill for the story in question and is just there to setup another “light” episode before the inevitable finale. I know it sounds like a rant but once you look at the structure you’ll understand where I’m coming form.

In terms of the supporting cast I hadn’t warmed to Pearl Mackie as others have, at least until the end where we see someone slowly experiencing their humanity slip away at the mercy of an “upgrade” to her programming. I have to admit that Nardole* was a bit irritating at first but I came to appreciate him as (to quote Galaxy Quest) plucky comic relief as a foil against the Doctor’s grumpiness.

This season marks Stephen Moffat handing over the reigns to Chris Chibnall as the new producer. It will be interesting to see what direction he may take with the next series…

I’d like to see the following:

1. Less “over complicated” story arcs in order to set up a finale
2. Stop wasting enemies by using them as a last minute defeat
3. Introduce a new enemy, possibly one that has been on Torchwood (I’m thinking of Bilis Manger)**
4. Bring back a former companion (not necessarily from the reboot but from the original series). Captain Jack would be awesome but you could include Peri, Ace or hell even Mel and look at the relationship between a newly regenerated Doctor and a now older and perhaps wiser companion***
5. Find out what happened to the Doctor’s daughter
6. Look at parallel universes as according to the Time Lords they are not meant to exist but Rose’s dad was pulled from an alternate reality. What if there was an alternate Doctor/companion or even Gallifrey without a Time War..?

As for the ending… well it was about time that they introduced “the Doctor” to give the twelfth Doctor a pep talk. Grumpy Doctor meets cranky Doctor!

* I’m tempted to do a Nardole cosplay as I wouldn’t need much other than glasses and a woolly bobble hat!

** I know that the Monks have been introduced as a new enemy but still feel like their potential was wasted somewhat.

*** Eve Myles would make for an awesome companion.