Mother’s Day & the Pancake Cake

Mother’s Day is one of those dates that is worth remembering, unless of course you’d prefer to spend the rest of the day in the “Doghouse”. The only dates that carry a higher penalty are your wife’s birthday, or your wedding anniversary! While the date of Mother’s Day varies wherever you are in the world the sentiment is still the same.

This year we decided (sometimes foolishly I think…) to make a cake. Not just any old cake but a pancake cake from one of Jamie Oliver’s recipes. We had tried making American pancakes for Pancake Day which were not to bad for a first attempt. Making the cake took longer than the hour quoted and we needed more milk to get the pancake batter to a smooth consistency (previously it would have made a good substitute for Polyfilla!).

I think that I got my pancake technique spot on within the first two test batches so proceeded to make up the rest.

2017-03-26 14.10.03

Once we had completed the pancake mix me and my daughter carried on with making the chocolate sauce filling (a combination of finely crushed roasted brazil & hazelnuts with 70% dark chocolate) followed by making a whipped cream filling.

With the fillings completed we set about assembling the tower of pancakes layered with alternate chocolate and cream fillings.

2017-03-26 15.08.40

Once we reached the top we used the remaining cream to fill in the sides and scattered the crushed nuts. We put the cake in the fridge for around an hour to chill and let the melted chocolate solidify.

2017-03-26 15.19.212017-03-26 20.48.21

As they say the proof of the cake is in the eating! It was immense!! I felt totally stuffed after one slice. Next time we try this we may halve the quantity of ingredients as it was a bit too big.