Book Review – Life Lessons from a Total Failure

516ezalc9dl-_sy344_bo1204203200_I recently came across this book and thought to myself “what the hell” I’ll give it a read as I’m travelling to work at present using the tram (Metrolink). While the title conjures up images of being a “self-help” book, after reading the first few pages it was anything but and I was drawn in…

While originally intended to be a self-help guide the author M.J. Dougherty decided to change his approach and base his story on the actual (true story) events that occurred that almost led to tragedy and his eventual redemption which makes for a compelling page turner as you want to find out what happens next.

“Don’t let the high’s get too high, or the lows too low, just aim for the middle…”

If you think you’ve got problems then this book may change your perception about how bad things can get, let me tell you!

M.J. tells his story of dealing with his sexuality, his travels across the globe, the great ideas he had and the bad decisions he made with almost tragic consequences along with introducing us to some fantastic friends and some not so when his world began to unravel.

Nearly everyone has come across someone like M.J. in their lives, the person who perhaps through no fault of their own had more then their fare share of bad luck. Reading about M.J’s experiences shows us the “dark places” that people can find themselves in, feeling helpless and trapped, without a means of escape until the opportunity presents itself.

I really enjoyed reading this book as I was rooting for M.J. the same way you would for your favourite TV character!