50 Years of Awesome

Time’s a funny thing… people spend their lives trying to beat time, cheat time, make it in time, turn back time (sorry Cher) you know the score. Yet no matter what you do time still marches on and catches up with you.

So what’s the deal about today’s post then..? Yes I know that it’s long overdue but hey better late then never! Well it finally happened… I scored half a century, not at cricket but at being awesome!


Let’s take a look at some other things that are also celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2016!

Adam West as Batman

In 1966 American TV viewers saw Adam West and Burt Ward debut as the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin in the iconic series of Batman. 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of Adam West donning the cape and cowl of the caped crusader!



Star Trek

My favourite science fiction show of all time also premiered back in 1966. I don’t care if you think that the original series is campy or that Picard is a better captain than Kirk. For me the original is still the best! I’ve no doubt that there will be special commemorations for Leonard Nimoy who sadly passed away last year.


Toyota Corolla

The Corolla first rolled off the production lines 50 years ago and in its lifetime sold over 40 million cars.



Yes the game that gets people “up close and personal” while contorting themselves into more uncomfortable positions than a roman orgy. While its intimate nature promoted controversy when Johnny Carson played the game live on TV with Eva Gabor (the sister who didn’t slap a Police officer!) that it was “sex in a box” the game has never lost its appeal!

Stormtrooper Twister
Image Credit: JD Hancock


So for those of you who turn 50 this year you are in illustrious company. And now time for cake!!!