Death of a Legend… R.I.P Lemmy (1945 – 2015)

Yesterday we learnt of the death of Ian Kilmister better known as “Lemmy” of Motorhead after being diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. I didn’t know he was pushing 70 and still rocking to the end. What a way to go.

My introduction to hard rock was way back in 1980 when I was still in school, it was around 8pm on a Wednesday night and I turned on the radio to my local independent station (back when they used to play more than just the charts!) Piccadilly 261.


Tuning into “Rock Relay” I was subjected to a violent assault on my eardrums that was the “Ace of Spades” and I was hooked. From that moment on I started out on my hard rock journey.

Rock In Peace Lemmy