Dude where’s my favourites folder in Windows 10?

If like many people who have decided to take the plunge an do a clean install of Windows 10 but don’t like Microsoft’s new “Edge” browser and want to transfer your IE Favorites but can’t find where the folder is located then you’ve come to the right place!

Firstly I’ve been using two hard drives in my setup for the last few years. I typically have one drive setup as my C: drive for the main OS and to avoid the possibility of data loss I moved my user profile to the secondary drive. If you’ve used small sized SSD’s then you may be familiar with relocating your “My Documents” folders to save precious SSD space, obviously with falling SSD prices and greater capacities this is becoming somewhat redundant but it’s me so what the hey!

Guess what… it doesn’t exist… at least until you bookmark your first page!

Ok so there I was searching the forums on where the Favorites folder is located and all I get is how to set it up in Edge and not IE11. While they say you can’t add the Favorites folder to the “Quick Start” folders, you can add/import your previous favorites without the use of the bookmark.htm file.

On Windows 7/8/8.1 systems the Favorites can be found inside the users profile in “C:\Users\{Username}”. But when you look for it in Windows 10 you can’t find it anywhere! So where the hell is it!

Missing IE Favourites Folder

Guess what… it doesn’t exist… at least until you bookmark your first page!

So if you can’t find your “Favorites” folder in Windows 10 to this:

Open Internet Explorer and bookmark the home page, it doesn’t matter what it is.

Add Site To Favorites

Open Windows Explorer and inside your “Users” folder you should now see the newly created “Favorites” folder.

New Favorites Folder Created

To change the location i.e. point it to your new profile location simply right-click and select “Properties” and click on the “Location” tab and then click on the “Move” button.

Favorites Properties     Favorites Properties 2

Change Favorites Location

Enter the new path to your user profile’s Favorites folder and click “OK”.

Confirm Folder Move

Lastly click “yes” to confirm you want to move the contents of the folder to its new location and you’re good to go!

I hope that this post solves the mystery of the “missing” Favorites folder!