Public Service Broadcasting – Something New to Believe In

Ever had one of those experiences that’s like a revelation..? Well this Saturday (25th April) I was sitting in my car in Lidl Ashton waiting to pick up my son from Cadet training and I decided to put the radio on. Being a Saturday there’s a lot of sports stuff on which I don’t care for, so picking Radio 2 I heard part of an interview on Dermot O’Leary’s show with J.Willgoose of Public Service Broadcasting and when he played the track “Gagarin” from their new album “The Race for Space” I was totally blown away! I mean it was like “what the **** this is awesome!”.

What I like is the way they have used old broadcasts/film/soundbites/ of historic events to tell their own story along with the band’s music supporting it without overpowering the message.

I’ve been looking for another band to get into for a while and with the premature demise of “The Brilliant Things” (Dance is still the perfect pop song with a great message) the quirky duo of J.Willgoose & Wrigglesworth in Public Service Broadcasting came along at just the right time.

I told my son who said he was going to ask if I could buy some tickets as he had already heard of them. Just my luck that the band is on tour right now but their show at the Ritz in Manchester sold out two months ago! Now I know how Charlton Heston felt at the end of “Planet of the Apes”!

Seriously though this band is awesome and hopefully we’ll get chance to see them next time! So guys don’t go breaking up on us okay!

P.S. Yuri would be proud!