Voxel Sunset (or how I became addicted to Minecraft XD)

For the last 5-6 months I’ve been involved in a number of projects relating to web hosting. As my kids are compulsive gamers I had setup a dedicated minecraft server and on the back of that built a website (http://www.nightmaresurvival.co.uk) and community forum. But in all that time I had never actually played Minecraft. At least until now…

I recently decided to purchase a copy for myself and as it was still reasonable priced while in beta it was hardly a King’s ransom.

What seemed really strange was the feeling that I felt like a complete n00b playing the game and trying to figure out what things do and how they work. Gradually I found myself being drawn into the minecraft forums and the wiki, not to mention a slew of YouTube videos.

Minecraft is one of those games that breaks the mould and lets you do your own thing as opposed to other mainstream games where there is some objective. In Minecraft the only objective is to have fun!

Now I’m not going to bore you with an at length discussion of the features. There’s so much coverage of Minecraft out there on the web there’s nothing that you can’t find out if you just try looking…

Anyway, I spent considerable time getting lost and found that the Minecraft Topographical Survey program was an essential in generating maps so you can see where you’ve been. Without a compass and the only hint that the clouds always travel to the West I set about building some useful navigation aids. I’ve built huge arrows pointing in the direction of home and lit them with torches so they could be seen at night. I’ve also been building more intrepid creations. My latest one is a huge castle over 3 levels with towers on each corner.

2011-09-26_22.35.05     2011-09-26_22.29.56

For me playing Minecraft is very relaxing after a loooong day at work and helps me to relax and just enjoy playing “the game” *

* “The Game” is a peculiar game that some people play at work. The rules are really simple… The object of the game is not to think about the game, if you do then you’ve already lost!