Noir – Chicks with Guns!

If you think that all that anime has to offer is a never-ending deluge of fluffy monsters and contests then think again! Noir kicks some serious butt!


an awesome storyline coupled with first rate character development

Originally aired in Japan in 2001 as a 26 part series. Noir is a story filled with mystery, suspense and shock revelations. The story centres on Mirielle Bouquet, an assassin by trade, tall, blonde and deadly with a message to contact a young girl called Kirika whose past life is shrouded in mystery…

Through the course of the story the main characters join forces and start operating under the moniker of Noir, a term used by the underworld for an assassin of the highest calibre. As a result of this partnership they start to draw attention to themselves from a secretive organisation with aims to eliminate them, or so it seems…

As story advances many things about the characters come to light and that they are players in a game of cat-and-mouse as their enemies track their every move resulting in terrible sacrifices that take their toll. But who is pulling the strings behind the scenes?

As for the finale… Well you’ll have to watch the series to find out!

Noir has an awesome storyline coupled with first rate character development and plenty of fast paced gunplay. Don’t miss it!

Sidenote: American TV channel Starz are currently looking at creating a live-action version of the series. Here’s hoping they don’t screw it up like so many remakes…


One thought on “Noir – Chicks with Guns!

  1. If half of the stuff I’ve read so far is true, this is going to be the furthest departure from the anime as possible… and therefore, they’ll lose most of the original fanbase. They’re going to piss off all of the Mireille/Kirika fans… No Chloe, even?? No Altena?? Older women? Sex scenes??

    What the hell did they watch?? And why the crap did they pick people who wrote a blood and orgy show to write something subtle and deep?? The nerve of Hollywood astounds me.

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