All About Broadband Faults but you were afraid to ask… Part 4

In Part 4 of the trilogy I’ll cover some things that bug the hell out of Technical Support agents.

Lie To Me

lietome-1_article_story_mainOne of the worst things you can do when speaking to Technical Support is to lie. Ok maybe lie is a tad harsh, lets say being “economical with the truth” about their setup and what they have done.

People these days seem to be so certain that the fault lies with their ISP and that it cannot possibly be “their” equipment at fault. So what they do is rattle of a list of things they have tried to the support agent and think that by telling us what we want to hear we’ll send out an engineer like that’s really going to fix things.

Here’s a typical example of what I am on about…

“Do you have anything else connected to the line e.g. Sky+ box, alarm system or fax machine..?”

“No we’ve got nothing”

“I just need to put you on hold while I run some tests”

Switches to 2nd line and calls the number the broadband is on and hears a fax tone…

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Are you sure you don’t have a fax machine connected as I’ve just called the line and can hear a fax machine!”

Customer realising they’ve dug themselves into a hole makes some lame excuse to cover themselves.

The best advice for getting yourself out of a hole when speaking to Technical Support is to stop digging! Remember that Technical Support is there to help you… Would I lie to you..?