January 2011

Well January is almost over and it’s time for me to again to go over this month’s events… To be honest not that much has happened but if things had taken a different turn of events you would probably be reading my obituary…

This month there were only two things preying on my mind. Firstly, it was my 3 month review which had me full of trepidation as its been a while since I was last in permanent employment. I had a meeting with my Team Leader and had an hour’s worth of discussion about my performance to date. Thankfully he doesn’t have too many concerns but just wants me to “up my game” some and start handling more support calls. In terms of future development he wants to push me towards working on the hosting side of things with a view to spending time on the hosting desk one day a week on a rota. So in the end it wasn’t too bad. I know what I am doing right and so far I am on course to pass my probation period (though it isn’t guaranteed).

The second, and in my opinion more worrying other activity was going into hospital for my eye operation. On Monday the 24th January I was admitted to The Royal Oldham Hospital for surgery. I had done everything that I had been instructed to do and was expecting everything to go as planned. After what seemed like an eternity of form filling I was finally able to walk down to the operating theatre and was prepped for the operation. This is where things took a turn for the worse… Apparently shortly after going under the anaesthetic I started to bringing up acid. The surgeon had spotted this and immediately tried to clear up the residue which resembled coffee grounds. Once they were satisfied that my airway was clear they tried again and the problem started to return and my breathing had altered, the anaesthetist called off the operation as they felt that I would not make it through.


It was a strange experience drifting back to consciousness being asked if I has actually eaten after I had been told not to. I kept trying to tell them that I hadn’t and that I had done what they asked. I spent the remainder of the day covered in something like ten blankets as I kept shaking uncontrollably while I was being hooked up to a pure oxygen supply. I tried to sleep as best I could but all I could feel in between the shaking was the pain. During the night I started to suffer acid attacks again and was given something to calm things down, only for it to start up again within half an hour. That night was an awful night where I was in a kind of half sleep, being constantly aware of things moving around me and hearing a blood pressure monitor beeping away.

Later on Tuesday morning I was visited by my wife who stayed with me while the staff were preparing to discharge me. I tell you leaving hospital was a bit like coming back from a kids party in that I had a “goody bag” of various medications. Even though the operations wasn’t completed I still have the scars (I guess) of my ordeal. My eye looked like hell and a week later still causes me some grief.

So at the moment I am at home recovering and taking things really easy.