The Cone Is Silent

Every now and again something happens in your life that makes you stop and appreciate all the things that you have going for you. Moments like these are special and have a habit of turning up when you least expect them, which sometimes if you are really lucky can be just when you need them.

even in these times it is important not to give up hope and keep things in perspective

The meaning of the title of this article was taken from a line in the movie “Twister” directed by Jan DeBont. While in the midst of a violent tornado, everything suddenly stops and for a brief moment normality resumes, it was at this point that one of the minor characters makes the comment of “the cone is silent” and shortly after that the tornado returns and unleashes its destructive elemental force once again.

Living in the maelstrom of a destructive economic meltdown, not a day goes by without more depressing news about job losses and the rising unemployment figures. However, even in these times it is important not to give up hope and keep things in perspective. As long as you can put food on the table and you give yourself an occasional treat as a reward for tightening your belt every other day you can survive.

The last week has been something of a hectic one. Just when I least expected it I was presented with two contract position interviews. With things as they are right now I decided to go for both of them… Despite the best laid plans I missed one interview due to a number of factors outside of my control. I felt like I had wasted the best part of a day riding around on public transport and never reaching my destination. Normally I am a great believer in the use of public transport, but believe me on this occasion I really missed not being able to use my car.

Returning home with the experience of failure still fresh in my mind the thought of the next interview I felt like my confidence had taken a knock and I was aware of the sense that the pressure was on if I wanted to escape the dole queue. Luckily because of both my past experience and extensive knowledge I was successful and will be starting a 3 month contract from Monday.

This weekend I have been so busy clearing through tasks that I haven’t had much time to pause and reflect on this weeks events until now. As I write this with “Miles Davis – Kind of Blue” playing in my headphones I feel like the cone is silent and at least for now I can look forward to being productive again…