Find Me A New Job and Earn £100

Some time ago I saw an article on Lifehacker on finding a new job by offering a  “bounty” . Now some people may think that this is an act of desparation, however I digress, in the current economic climate with jobs becoming scarce and the numbers of job seekers on the increase I think it actually makes sense… Ask yourself this question, if you were offered a financial incentive to do something would you jump at the opportunity if it was relatively straightforward..? Of course you would! How many people would happily buy a lottery ticket for a chance of winning some money.

I am now offering a bounty of £100 tax free

Now let’s get down to some hard facts, for the majority of people to get a job they have to use agencies due to the nature of the business. And we all know that the key to getting an interview lies with the Recruitment Consultant putting you forward to their clients. Consultants are sales-driven individuals who love making money and will do whatever it takes to keep hitting their targets and earning their commission. After all, a number of agencies now offer rewards for a referral that leads to a placement. So why not appeal to their better nature?

I am now offering a bounty of £100 tax free to any individual (friend, associate or consultant) for a job lead that results in an offer of employment.

Terms and Conditions

  • To qualify you must first download a copy of my latest online CV and forward it to your HR department. You must provide a written letter from your HR department confirming recipt of the CV. If you an agency then you can obtain my latest CV through any of the major job boards.
  • On recipt of a letter from your HR department and a Job Description I will contact you to inform you if your entry is acceptable. If the position proves to be unsuitable I will inform you that I do not wish to proceed with the vacancy.
  • I am looking for a position as a “Systems Administrator”, “Systems Manager” or “Systems Analyst”. DO NOT attempt to put my CV forward for roles which are clearly unsuitable e.g. Refuse Collector unless they pay better salaries than IT!
  • The salary will be in the region of £25,000 per annum and the position MUST be permanent.
  • The position MUST be based in the North West of England within easy communting distance from Manchester.
  • In the event of a formal job offer being made in writing, and subject to acceptance and satisfactory references, the sum of £100 will be paid to the person who provided the initial lead.

I’ve thrown down the gauntlet… So what are you waiting for!