Turbo-Charge Your Job Search

There are those who say that the key to recovering from a job loss is to make looking for work a full-time activity. Whilst this may hold true, I believe that there is only a certain amount of things you can do to find employment in any given day. If you’ve read my previous article “Unemployment 101” than you will be aware of the necessity of establishing a daily routine to give your life some structure and semblance of normality.

Have you ever spent a whole day starting blankly at your computer and wonder where all the time has gone?

In this article we’ll be looking at what you can do to make using technology in your job search your servant, and not your master.

Have you ever spent a whole day starting blankly at your computer and wonder where all the time has gone? If this is you than you need to discipline yourself and make a point of checking your email at certain times of the day, and then aiming to process all your emails within a given time which you set yourself. How often you check is dependent on what works for you, mid morning and again mid to late afternoon is a good start. This gives enough time for an agency to contact you and for you to exchange several replies before the end of the day.

When searching for jobs there are two main methods. First are the local papers, most of which have online versions with all the job listings published that day. The other method is that of the Internet job boards, while some of these boards aggregate the vacancies from other sources others are directly linked to specific large recruitment agencies.

In order to make job searching easier it is possible to create a custom search that will send you the latest jobs by email that match the search criteria you specified. The important thing here is to ensure that you have covered all the relevant search terms in your search criteria. Doing this is really very simple, as all it takes is for you to spend some time browsing vacancies and building up a list of keywords obtained from the job titles and entering these into the search criteria on the particular job board. You will need to check the results for a few days to make sure that all the keywords are being correctly picked up.

If you use either Outlook or GMail as your email program there is an even easier way to get vacancies direct to your desktop as soon as they are posted without visiting Internet job boards. Both Outlook and GMail support RSS feeds, and most job boards now offer the ability to create and import an RSS feed for specific vacancies directly into your email program of choice.

If you use GMail you can take advantage of Google documents and store an on-line copy of you CV which means you can apply for jobs anywhere you have access to an Internet enabled computer e.g. staying with family, public libraries etc.

So there you have it, by making some changes to your email reading habits and taking advantage of both email job alerts and RSS feeds you have turbo-charged your job search activities and made yourself the master of your own destiny.